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As you can see, we prefer to provide especially simple and transparent calculations.
This allows our clients to clearly understand the cost of the team per week from the very beginning.

So, do you want to see how exactly working with us looks like?

1 The service provides a local representative to help you coordinate work with your team.
The local representative works to put together your team in the fastest way possible providing all the resources you need for a successful project.
The current project start time is one week for a team with four members.
2 Our IT Teams are top-suited for working on all related to mobile projects, digitalization services and web services.
Our company has a long experience working in mobile application development. We have been working in this field for 19 years – this was the time when the mobile app industry just started forming.
Our customers are successfully using our services for developing and running projects of such types as:
  • Mobile App
  • Backend services or API
  • Web App
  • Web Portals
  • Administrative apps or portals
3 The following platforms are supported:
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • PC and Mac
  • Smart watches
  • Professional handheld devices
Operating systems:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows and Windows IoT
  • Mac OS
Everything comes with on-device testing for the selected devices. Test reports are provided with each delivery.
Mass-testing on a large number of devices is an available option.
Stores submission for the delivery is included.
4 How do we work with the clients?
If put in a nutshell:
  • Teams work using Agile/Scrum
This means you have delivery every 1-4 weeks period called Sprint. The period is mutually agreed upon after you provide us with the project details.
At the end of the Sprint, you review the work and provide feedback.
You also can request a complete refund for the Sprint, if for any reason you are not happy.
5 You get the redundancy in your team, unlike when specialists work in-house. After all, an in-house developer can get sick, quit, etc., which can seriously slow down the team's work.
This is possible due to our approach to working on projects. For example, you ordered a team from us in which there is only one iOS developer. Nevertheless, several of our similar specialists at once also get acquainted with the details of this project.
This allows you to quickly replace each other in case of illness or other unforeseen situations.
It also allows you to quickly increase the team, if necessary (that is, increase the team not with new people but with those who are already familiar with the project).
6 You get a scaling team. The moment you need to quickly scale up the size of your team, we can do it (which can be hard to achieve by hiring in-house people)
7 We have unique specialists who are quite difficult to hire quickly in the market, especially when it comes to part-time work.
So, for example, if you need an artificial intelligence specialist, but specific tasks for him appear periodically, it is much easier to use our dedicated specialists.
Source code ownership
Source code belongs to you as the customer of the service.
We preserve the confidentiality of the information you provide to us.
Terms of payment
Pay weekly. Cancel anytime.
Mutual Cooperation
The local representative and the team will make their best efforts to complete your project. In return, we expect your cooperation in providing all information needed and honest feedback during the progress review.
If our conditions suit you, let's set a time for a video call, so we can discuss your project in more detail.

Our process for mobile app development


  • Understanding client business
  • Merging initial concept by assessing challenges & overcoming them

2Features & Architecture

  • Analyzing the features for the product
  • Selecting Architecture


  • Implement screens by utilizing Figma


  • Agile Scrum development process
  • Regular review by client

5Quality Assurance

  • QA of app after each development sprint
  • Prepare Beta Build


  • Developing Release Candidate Build
  • Submitting final app to the stores

7Maintenance & Support

  • Can be combined with the next version development

Our scrum process

scrum process

What we do for your mobile app

iOS app, Android app, Backend API, Web App or Web Portal,
Admin Control Panel
UI/UX in Figma

Platforms: smartphones, tablets, smart watches, professional devices with iOS, Android, Windows IoT

On-device testing: selected Apple and Android devices, test report provided with each delivery

Appstore and Google Play submission for final delivery

How we work with clients

Regular Review by Customer

  • Every stage opportunity to review our work and provide feedback during each 1-4 weeks (depends in mutually agreed Sprint size)

Mutual Cooperation

  • We agree to put our best efforts in return we expect your cooperation in providing needed information regarding to the mobile app

Terms of payment

  • Pay weekly
  • 100% moneyback guarantee for the last Sprint = non-accepted work (1-4 weeks) if you are not happy for any reason

Source code ownership

  • Source code belongs to the customer.


  • All efforts to preserve confidentiality of information